When we moved into our new house…

Which was over a year ago now.. how time flies!… it was made clear to me that by NOT moving, we were not clearing our/sorting through our stuff very often. This was true of the freezer, and of my stash piles of materials. Things were always being saved for a rainy day, and there is comfort in there being a stash there when needed. But there is also waste, if things sit too long, and don’t get used.

So, when we moved I tried to carefully sort through things. If I had not been using or wearing it or couldn’t imagine doing so in the near term, it went. And then we moved into a much bigger house with lots of lovely storage and I realized that in order to prevent it from becoming overly cluttered, the same mentality needed to hold true. So, when I make several cakes or quiches or meatloaves and store them in the freezer, I am trying very hard to use those things in the near term, not just revel in having food put by. And when I buy fabric or wool, I try only to buy for a specific project, and then I try to GET to it.

A challenge of course when one is working full time. There are only so many hours in a day. But, I am also realizing that I often use the excuse that if I cannot see enough time to complete the project, I don’t start it. That means my summers are full of those kinds of project.. which only happens for about 8 weeks of the year, and usually has lots of other activities surrounding it. All this is to say, as part of my desire not to accumulate stash, I started a new project.

We bought this chair at an estate sale many years ago. I believe it is known as a platform rocker, and it was cheap – between 20 and 40 dollars. It has served us well for many years.

Old chair

The chair has some issues though. First, there is a broken piece under the upholstery.. see the sagging corner in the picture below?

See the sagging corner?

Not sure what happened here. I vaguely remember the people we bought it from claiming it was recently recovered. (Although, as I have worked on it, I am not finding evidence of a previous covering.. just the one.) The upholstery is not stretched or torn.. so did they recover the chair in its broken state?

The chair was a chew toy for the new puppy we had about 5 years ago now. He managed to scratch it up pretty well.

And although we have cleaned it, usually when we are cleaning the rugs, the upholstery shows signs of wear and the arms as well. Half of the staples holding it all together are rusted. As are many of the upholstery tacks. Not really sure why. It is time for a face-lift.

It took all day yesterday to remove the millions of staples holding the fabric to the frame. Well, not all day. That is the benefit of the bigger house and all the room. I could get started and then leave it to roast veg for the soup, and run a load of laundry, and all the other things going on during Saturday. It was not taking up the entire living space as it was becoming separate pieces. I have saved everything to use as the pattern for the new fabric.

I took many, many photos so I could remember how it came apart.. because as I said, this may be a long term project. It may be awhile before a chunk of time comes up where I can moved forward. So I have a visual record of the way it was assembled, which makes me feel safe. And it makes me wonder what I was thinking at times as well.

I was thinking that some sanding and refinishing of the wood, some new padding to add a bit more comfort, and some clean, lovely new fabric would give new life to this chair.. that is what I was thinking.

New fabric

I was also thinking of my resolve for this new home. I bought this fabric the summer we were building the house. It matched some of the colors I wanted to use in the house. It was deeply on sale in the upholstery department, and I got a further discount for buying all that was left, and I had a gift card left over from Christmas. I think the entire yardage was about $14.00. I hope it is enough. With the stripes, I will have to be careful about matching. But I think  there is enough. I just don’t want this fabric sitting around in my stash for another year. It is time to make it and enjoy it, whatever it ends up looking like. Even if it does stretch out over months. This is one summer project I want finished before summer comes. Stay tuned!

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