Busy, busy, busy….

So many things are relegated to spring. The man about the place have been pacing off and planning a new garden. The younger two boys are gearing up for baseball season. The older boy is going to help out on the high school baseball team, running the scoreboard. There are the usual everyday school and work chores. The chair is still in progress – the man about the place has taken it apart and sanded it and is in the process of re-staining and sealing it. In between boy scout camping trips and work.

The middle child is also starting to wrap up his Waldorf education. Each child must do an 8th grade project, and he chose to make an authentic Indian headdress. This stems from his boy scout involvement in the Order of the Arrow. He loves Indian drumming and is a part of the Ceremony team. He also is a wee bit Cherokee himself, thanks to his father’s heritage. In any case, for the past few months he has been designing and making this headdress, and this weekend, he finished it. I am so proud of his hard work, and his ability to take this on.

He had to assemble every one of those feather, make a long trailer that goes down the back, and stitch it all together. He has his own blog about the project. Check it out here if you have more interest: One Feather At a Time


The eldest son made an equally impressive project, back in 2008. He built a scale model of an airplane he had admired. He wrote to the man who had built the original, used his plans to develop a scale model plan, and then worked with his grandfather to build the plane.

I love that Waldorf education preserves creativity and promotes self-reliance!


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