Sewing…. Simplicity 3786

A spell of grey Novemberish rain has moved in, and we can do nothing else outdoors. This is a good thing.. we are already in drought conditions, a bad sign so early in the spring. The soaking rain is good for the grass seed we planted in the last few construction areas that needed replanting.

So I spent some time sewing.

I picked up this Simplicity pattern with a gift card I got at Christmas for  my local JoAnn’s. I liked the pattern because of the versatility. SO many different options from one pattern. I also purchased fabric to make 2 of the versions.

The first fabric was a lovely pinwale corduroy. So very soft. The material was narrow.. not 45 inches wide as most fabric is. And there was not enough yardage for the blouse I wanted to make. But I went ahead and purchased it, confident I could somehow make it work.

I am so grateful I learned how to sew in my early years. My grandmother and mother and Girl Scout leaders were all old school seamstresses. SO I learned all about grainlines and how to get my patterns on the fabric straight. This knowledge also means I know when and where I can cheat a bit.

Given the color of the fabric and the fact it is corduroy, I knew I didn’t want the sleeveless version. I really wanted to make version A.

So I made sure I could get fronts and back onto the material, and then looked at where the sleeves would fit. I could not get the full length sleeve, but I could get 3/4 length, and that was fine by me. Once I cut out the basic pieces I knew that there wouldn’t be much else – just the facings, and I knew I could probably use another fabric for facing if necesary, or even perhaps some bias tape or narrower facings. As it turned out, there was room to get the facings just right, with some fudging of the seam allowances.

This pattern went together easily and quickly, and would be good for a beginner.The pattern allows you to customize your cutting lines. I happen to be smaller up top than below, so I could cut 2 different sizes for bust and hips. The ease and measurements were all clearly indicated. I think these features are lovely for the beginner. The sleeves require easing in, but it was an easy task – I have seen much worse. There are no button holes or zippers,  casings or darts or pleats in this version, also making it quick and easy for a beginner.

Now, with all that said, I still made it a bit too big for me. Sigh. I am not the best at fitting. In my early years, I could just sew the pattern as is and fit was always just right. Three children and middle age have made the fit a bit trickier. I knew that with the ease, this would be a bit flowy, but I had no good idea just how much that ease would float on me. And so I had to take in a bit after I added a bit in the original cutting out. I also had intended not to put in the elastic at the back, as it was optional. But once I had it on, I clearly needed that elastic. Adding it after the fact wasn’t horrible, but I will put it in first in the next version.

Back elastic casing

I love the fabric – pattern and softness. I love the flair of the sleeves. I love the floaty feel I have when I wear it. I did need to add a snap to keep the front closed..

Love the castle on this old packet of snaps.....

Rolled edge, rust proof snaps from way back…

Overall, I would make this again in a flash.. smaller size. I am going to try a different version next though… I have material cut out for the version the model is wearing.. it has tucks, and different sleeves, and I cannot wait to get going on it.


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