Spring is trying hard to make its appearance here. The daffs are usually out by Valentines, but have just begun blooming. But in the space of a week, everything appears to be sprouting leaves. Roses have leaves, hydrangeas have leaves, fruit trees seem on the point of blooming. The birds, which are here around the year, are now making so much more noise. And the peeper frogs are starting to sing their evening lullabies.

The men about my place have begun engineering a new garden for us. We had a very large one for many years, which lost some of its size when we built a new barn. Then the shade of an overhanging tree made it important to start thinking of moving it. Work makes it hard for me to always be on top of the garden in early spring when planting is going on… and it has been years since I started stuff from seed. The new house then took precedence, and now that we have been in the new house a year, it is time to find a way to garden again.

Unfortunately, groundhogs have moved into the area and have made themselves a nuisance the past few years. My inlaws next door have been having a big battle with the fat creatures. We also have deer that will jump pretty high, and rabbits that love  a nibble. So in designing the new garden, fencing needed to be considered.

We wanted something close to the house, near the laundry room entrance. The counters and large sink there were planned  with fresh produce in mind. The water hose also attaches to that side of the house, making watering when needed convenient. We have 2 large chestnut trees there, which will drop spines and leaves.. so it couldn’t be too close to that. And we wanted it near the chickens so we can let them in at certain times to do their thing.

Eventually, there will be pickets and wire fencing  – pickets to cuten.. wire fencing to help keep out the animals. We are doing a series of raised beds in the middle, as well as raised beds around the side, and then there will be flower beds along the outside. It all takes time though, and boy scouts and baseball and work slow us down. But the fortress skeleton is up. Now to find a good source of compost and soil. And maybe, just maybe, we will be planting soon. The middle son wants a strawberry bed along one side. The elder son wants jalapenos and okra. I want asparagus and lettuces and lots of tomatoes and squash. The possibilities are all there, just waiting for us to grab them.


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