Garden Update

The men of the place got the garden fortress completed and ready for me to plant. 5 cubic yards of lovely soil were delivered from a local garden company. I hauled most of those yards into the beds – with eldest and hubs doing some. Then the following was planted:

strawberries and asparagus (purple and jersey giant)  in permanent beds

radishes – red and white icicle

lettuce – mesclun mix, leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce

broccoli and brussel sprout starts

spinach – 2 varieties

chard – rainbow and regular

carrots – scarlet nantes, danvers, red cored chantenay

onions – red and white and yellow

potatoes – yukon gold

herbs – basil and parsley

At this point, we still need to build the center beds. There will be 4 4X8 center beds, to be filled soon with tomatoes and peppers, and squash, etc. And we used all the dirt, so need to order more for the center beds as well as to finish the outer beds.

The beds are fenced in with metal fence low down, and plastic fencing up top. We are hoping to keep out the deer and the groundhog (or ground pigs as we call them, since they pig out in the garden) and the rabbits. However, we have also planted beds outside the fenced area. In those beds I will put fragrant herbs and wildflowers and things I hope the deer won’t eat.  Also, some marigolds, to ward off buggers. And probably a few new blueberry bushes. Ours are getting a bit old, but still going strong. But it doesn’t hurt to have more blueberries.


The rocks we used around the garden were the rocks that were part of the old corn crib foundation. The old corn crib had to come down when the new house was built, so we stacked the stones we found underneath it, sure we would find a use for them. Some of them are very large and very heavy. I moved all the ones around the front and right of the structure myself. (all the beds that have soil in them) Then I had to stop. Some were just too large for me to move. This weekend, eldest son and hubbers moved the last of the stones so they are ready for dirt. Her eis one, placed for sitting on, that was rather a bear to move.

It is so good to have strong men around the place!


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