Last day of the week….

This break has sped by, and I have a slight panic about seeing it come to an end. Lots has been accomplished, and there is still a lot that can be accomplished, but oh.. I wish I had another week. 9 weeks, and then summer will be here. Then I will have more time.

What am I listening to while I work?

BBC 7:  Barchester Chronicles  by Anthony Trollope

What am I reading when I have down time?

The Core Balance Diet – time to get to the bottom of this 40ish unhealthy weight gain.

A couple of books from the Harmony Series by Phillip Gulley.

What am I cooking?

Anything with oranges in it.. watch for it in a future post. The man about the place brought a bushel of oranges home from a recent trip to Florida.. so much sunny goodness to use and enjoy!

What have I finished?

My new shirt… worn and enjoyed and already needing ironing again.

See this post for more details…. concerning Simplicity pattern. I love the sleeves on this new tunic style blouse.

What is not yet done?

Some painting of old furniture that has been sitting in the barn. Darning of my socks.. hopefully all finished by weekend’s end.

And school work… needs attending to.

What am I enjoying?

Some new to me linens from my husband’s grandmother.

And best of all… there are sprouts in the garden. Spinach, chard, rainbow chard, mesclun, bibb lettuce, and radishes so far have broken through the earth, which this week has been cold and frosty and rain drenched.. but still, they burst forth, and that fact alone makes me smile.


Back to work!


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