School is out for the summer……

This space has been quiet for a while.

  • End of school year writing of finals, giving of finals, running review sessions, finishing the grading of papers, projects, tests, etc. The last 9 weeks just flew by.
  • Middle son completed his journey at the Waldorf school. He has chosen to attend the high school I teach at, so after 10 years of being at the same school with the same kids, and 8 with the same teacher, he said goodbye. I cannot believe I now have a senior and a freshman in high school. The time has truly flown too quickly. In any case, being an 8th grader involves an 8th grade project – my son made his own Indian

Warbonnet, which I have blogged about before. He then gave a lovely presentation of the project to the school. Then there was a week long 8th grade trip to Washington, DC = much fun was had by all. Then there was the Rose Ceremony itself, followed by a big potluck party at my house the next day.It was a busy May and early June for him and us.

  • Baseball, baseball, baseball… both the younger boys continue the spring tradition of playing baseball for the local leagues. The youngest son played a lovely season, and then was chosen for the World Series Team, which means a game every night this week. He plays as catcher and pitcher and cheerfully practices endlessly at home. The middle son, in between all his 8th grade activities, played for the Junior League, as pitcher and second baseman. He had a wonderful season, and then tried out for the High School Summer League team. There was a long shot for him getting on the team.. current players had priority, so he was competing with seniors, juniors and sophomores.. but he prevailed, had a great tryout, and when he gets home from Boy Scout camp next week, will be playing three games a week for his new high school.
  • Boy Scouts… ended the year with the Court of Honor, where the middle son was chosen Senior Patrol Leader.This boy has a lot on his plate in the future.
  • Eldest son had to be gotten through finals…and the SAT. And job hunting. In this economy, finding a job is very tough when you are 17 and wanting part time work in a small town. But he is mowing lawns and keeping busy that way.
  • And finally, taking the rest of  the spare time is the garden. It has been hard to keep up with it… I can get it planted and weeded, but when we hit the time when we need to weed, water, pick and then do something with the produce, while attending ball games and grading papers, it gets tough. But so far, this foray back into gardening has been fun.
  • The garden haul yesterday....

    The beans and squash quickly got run over with beetles and bugs. The youngest and I tried valiantly to keep it under control; with our soapy water spray bottles and picking off the bugs into bottles of soapy water. But that work occurred on the weekends, and then they multiplied all week. However, we do have a fridge full of zucchini, yellow squash and scallop squash.. and although the bean plants look horrid, they did produce lots of lovely beans. Not sure for how much longer, but soon it will be time to plant the fall garden and we will try again. There are tomatoes everywhere.. and peppers, and cukes.. some onions. We have had some rabbit issues despite the fortress – and the deer ate all the sunflowers on the outside. But we will continue to try. It is great to be eating fresh produce. And the raspberries are being picked, and the blueberries are just about there. MMM.

  • German Queen Heirloom tomatoes, breaking the vine because all three were on the same stem.

    Loving the flowers.. yarrow, day lilies, delphiniums.. mmm.
  • Tomato sandwich anyone?

    So, the goal now is to make some lists.. list of things long neglected that need taking care of, appointments to make, projects to finish, projects to start.. then there is the new walking club at the high school for me, piano lessons for the youngest, baseball camp for the younger 2 boys, college search for eldest… so many things to look forward to and enjoy. I fear it will make the summer fly!


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