Garden Harvest…

So, the hardest thing for me about gardening is dealing with the harvest. The planting, weeding, bug issues – I can deal with. But using the harvest and preserving it, and holding down a full time job.. that is something else.

I am now on holiday for the summer, so I am trying to deal with the backlog of cucumbers and zucchini, in between tooing and froing the boys to baseball camp and baseball games, etc. Today, I was in the kitchen all day. Whew, I am beat.

Hope the plants keep producing all summer!

I started with jalapeno jelly. I love this over a block of cream cheese. I have no idea how this will turn out. I used this link here: Step by step

This was a combination of jalapenos (mild and mammoth) and anaheim chile peppers..

I did not have green food coloring, so my jelly is much more natural colored.. but let’s hope it gels and tastes good.

Even though I used gloves, (they probbaly weren't the best kind) I still had that jalapeno taste in my throat and on my tongue..but no skin burn.











I used some tiny jars I had.. these are 4 oz sizes… you don’t tend to need a large amount of jalapeno jelly at once, and it is also nice to give as a gift.

The tall jar is only 8 ounces..tiny jars of jelly.
Cukes, soaking....


The other pickling was making some dill pickle chips – my youngest son eats these on his meat sandwiches everyday. I hope he likes the homegrown version.

Besides all this… which also involves a lot of set up and clean up and washing of dishes.. and cleaning off the stove of all the spills.. I also made 2 zucchini recipes.

Lovely cake...


Several cups of shredded zucchini went into this cake, which has since been frosted with a lovely cream cheese frosting. Recipe here.

And I made a zucchini bread. Recipe here. And last week I made a chocolate zucchini cake, as seen here.


I gave three away to my niece for a recipe she needed them for. I still have this many on the counter, and a fridge full. Hmmm….not to mention all the scallop squash.

At this point, I am exhausted from my day in the kitchen. I still made salt potatoes, and had the oldest son grill ribs and scallop squash. So much food in our house…


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