We pause as this summer has been interupted by a hospital excursion….

The man about the place and I are actually very very healthy. As are the kids. And yet, over the past 5 years, hospital stays have been an issue. 10 years ago was th 22 days NICU stay for the youngest, as he was born with a malrotated bowel and had 2 surgeries in his first seven days. Then the hubbler developed Crohn’s disease and was in hospital several times, including a bowel resection in 2006. Then I had a hysterectomy in 2008 due to a large fibroid that was taking over. The kids are quite used to going to the hospital, finding a parking spot, traversing the maze of hospitals and wards.. and visiting their parents.

Thursday was a busy summer day. Took boys to baseball camp. Picked boys up. Got home, cleaned up, they ate, took youngest to piano lesson and dropped him off, then drove middle to his baseball game warm-up, then back to pick up piano boy, then back to ball field to work concession stand for the game. The hubbler was going to meet us there at 6. About 6:30 it occurred to me that he had not shown up.. not so unusual… he sometimes gets caught up at work… but when I checked my phone I had a message from him that his stomach was crampy and he was heading home until he felt well enough to come to the game. So I texted him back that I was sorry to hear he was under the weather and did he need me… about the time I see him coming up the pathway to the game.

He looked in pain, and was cold and clammy to the touch, but intended to say hi to the boys and see how long he could last. Less than 10 minutes past before he was on his way out again, mumbling something about taking himself to the ER. This man never goes to the ER on his own.. his resection happened because he let the pain go on so long he had absesses in his abdomen. So for him to admit he needed to go, meant he felt really awful.

He wanted me to stay at the game with all the boys.. he planned to drive himself over. I should have argued more but did the next best thing. I called his dad and told him not to let the hubbler get away with this..so father in law called the hubbler and told him he was going to come get him and take him to the ER..because I said so.

So, poor hubbler went to the ER with his dad.. a blessing for me not to have to go, as they were there late..They ran the CT scan and discovered a blockage.

Since then, it has been hurry up and wait. At first it was all, admit him and surgery. Then it was admit him and watch it… which they have been doing..and then Monday do a scope. Apparently the blockage is at his old surgery site, so they think adhesions or tissue build up there is the issue, and plan to scope him and see if they can fix the issue that way. Then this morning the NG tube was removed and they talked of sending him home and having him come in as an outpatient to be scoped next Wed… hmmm. Still waiting on the word.

So, boys have been farmed out to various activities, and I have visited and knitted. And then boys have been retrieved and visited with me. Much phone calling and texting while he is away. And much ingathering of juices and soups and things people can eat as they progress from clear liquids to soft foods to being a normal eater again.

It is always something.. but having helpful inlaws and concerned family and friends and clever, useful boys makes it work out in the end.

Off to knit and hope they decide to discharge him soon!

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