Over spring break I posted about some furniture redos I had planned. These objects were from my grandmother’s house, had served us well in our first few homes, then had been stored in the attic. When we moved to the new house, they were relegated to the shed, where I finally decided it was silly to have them rot.

So, the chair was painted and the cushions recovered.

This is the second time I have recovered this chair. Above, you can see the last recovering. I used a mauvy/pink fabric, and the lace was from an old dress that I had outgrown. This worked well in my dorm room and our first married apartment (late 80’s/early 90s)

But the wood had been scratched up and lost its finish – so I painted the maple, and used a remnent of Waverly fabric I found at Hancocks during one of their sales. I think it cost about $8. I just barely had enough, what with needing to match the stripes.

A maple cricket chair, reborn yet again.


This is definitely a ladies chair.. small and comfortable to knit in. And the smallest boy likes it as well. Not entirely sure this is where it will live, but for now, am enjoying a project completed. Well, maybe I will put a plain short skirt on it.. pleats, not ruffles. Or maybe not.


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