Work of the eldest boy….

Academics have never been easy for my eldest.. he is dyslexic, and sees the world differently than the majority of the population. But that is okay.. everyone has their gifts and talents. And the eldest has a talent with his hands.

This past year he took an Ag Mechanics course which involved learning to weld and work with metal. By the end of the year, he had gifted me with these lovely flowers…

This is a three dimensional sculptural flower that is very heavy!

The pictures do not do this justice. The metal is shiny and shaded all sorts of browns and golds and goes well with the room it is in. The stamens (or pistils?) rise up from the center.

The three dimensional flower came after he learned to make these flat flowers. The class used these to decorate the courtyard at the school. He brought one home for me to hang on my wall.

Again, the photos do not show all the colors in the metal.. there are silver and blue and gold and brown and bronze.. shiny delight!


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