August Post 3

Other summer accomplishments?

Remember this post about the chair? Well, it is almost done. The best thing about this chair has been working with my middle son. When reupholstering, it is helpful to have another set of hands. And he has been wielding the staple gun too.

There are several things I am proud of:

1) I have no true knowledge of upholstery. I just took a ton of pictures, and have used them often to put the thing back together.

2) This has been a cheap project. Inexpensive upholstery remnant purchased on sale… on a whim, without measuring even!…so much care was taken to use every scrap to best advantage and not make any mistakes, because there was no chance of getting more fabric. A bit of new stuffing (some lovely bamboo stuff… sooooo soft to work with…and some cotton batting), a little stain..but mostly just hard work.

3) I almost got all the stripes matched up.

Can you see the mistake? Great care was made to line up all the stripes, but the bottom piece I failed to mark which was left and right, and cut out the squares for the darts in the wrong place. No way to fix it now. Ehh.

The project took over the guest room where it was out of the way when I didn't have time to work on it.


There was a big mess of old pieces and new pieces..


Lots of fluff and stuff to vacuum up when all was done.


Enough left over for a spare pillow.


Pulling tight the button strings...


A little more stapling and upholstery tacking to go. Then the back gets put on. Just waiting for my middle son to come home and help!


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