Thanksgiving Prep

It is so lovely to have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off as a holiday. Today we have been baking up a storm to get ready for the big family get together.

From our garden... they have been surviging the 28 degree nights.. just a little damage on the leaves...ready to be made into radish dip.


Some were quite large, which suprised me for this cool time of year.


We need plenty of nibbles with teenage boys milling about. So I am making radish dip.. really, just a cream cheese eating vehicle. You whir a bunch of radishes in a food processor til coarsely chopped. I also throw in a handful of garlic cloves. Depending on the radishes and garlic, this can be quite spicy. But our fall radishes have not had the heat that the summer radishes had. Then throw in a block of cream cheese and process with a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce and some salt. That is all. Earthy and yummy, served with some pita crackers and carrots and celery.

Acorn cookies


It is always fun to have help in the kitchen, and I use a bait and switch technique with the boys. I find a fun recipe and get them into the kitchen with that, and then just keep giving them job after job to do. This year’s hook were these acorn cookies. You can find the details here.

The small fingers did a better job than my big ones.


Wonder how long these will last tomorrow?


We also made a large batch of homemade apple sauce, got a lovely sourdough loaf from the baker to make this bloomin onion bread, and of course, apple pie was on the menu.


We are well on our way to being ready for Thanksgiving. The wind has risen to a dangerous blusteriness… all the volunteer fire departments are making sure everyone is listening to their pagers. And the temp is dropping. But the sun is shining, and it feels to be home going about my day.

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