December is such a whirl of activity…. close on the heels of Thanksgiving.

It starts with my birthday – which was a lovely weekend of my guys spoiling me. There was a chocolate cream pie made by my 15 year old, who still hugs me for no reason.

There was a beautiful candle holder made by the youngest with a dear friend of the family – they are really getting into the blacksmithing thing.

Sweet handmade candle holder...


There was a lovely day out with the hubbler, where we did some holiday shopping and went out to dinner.

A lovely new clock for the dining/living space….

From the living room side...


From the dining room/kitchen side.. how cool!


Some new fabric and yarn….

Cannot wait to use this...


And a special gift from the hubbler, of an ipod for listening to podcasts while I walk.

Ipod... fun!


It has been fun to have the guys try to teach me how to use such up to date technology.


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