The holiday has finally arrived….

Teaching on Monday and Tuesday went as well as you would expect – tired students, ready to be off for a holiday, have little interest in Geometric transformations. But we got through it, and I received lots of lovely goodies from my students… sweets, book cards, candles and hand soap. Even a lovely pair of handmade earrings.

Tuesday night was the diploma ceremony for last year’s IB students. It was nice to see the students that returned, and to hear how university is going for them.

Wednesday was a teacher work day… I did work some of the morning in my room.. cleaning and tidying and printing off notes for the new year. But then I went to the baseball field to help with installing the windscreen. Unfortunately, it was cool and rainy. All of my boys had been helping all morning. So we did another hour together, but by noon they were so wet and ready to go, we went. They did not even want to go out to eat – they just wanted to go home and be dry. So Dad took them home, and I ran to the post office to get stamps and then to the market to get bread and cheese and then home to warm up. By 2 pm I was in my bathrobe, working on cookie baking, and enjoying an indulgent bourbon and coke to help warm up the inner me.

Thursday was a whirl of grocery shopping for the holiday weekend. And baking, baking, baking to finish the holiday treats. And cleaning. We had meatloaf sandwiches for dinner, and then the carolers stopped by to sing and enjoy the cookies I had made. Half of my group went off to carol with them.. the others sat down and relaxed – candles lit for solstice, and I was able to finish some more mini-stockings.

Today, the sun is out, but it is cooler and breezy. The man about the place is smoking the Christmas brisket while puttering in the barn. The boys are helping their grandfather. The cards have been mailed, all gifts have been purchased and wrapped. The house is mostly clean. I have some things to prep before tomorrow in the kitchen. And my office to clean… but otherwise, I plan to just enjoy being home at my house in the day time with my family.That is the best part of the holiday for me!


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