Christmas Recap 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner

Saturday – noon lunch with family friends. There were 9 of us… and the meal was lovely.

Smoked Brisket with choice of 2 sauces – Kansas Style or Texas Style – This turned out very well.. and was large enough that we are still eating some

Herb – topped rollsA lovely recipe – worked well.

Mashed potatoes

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Green bean casserole

Corn pudding casserolealways a favorite.

Cranberry and Cream Tart  – also very yummy, although my crust crumbled when I tried to take it out of the pan…but the filling was luscious, and assorted cookies and holiday bark.

Then Love Feast at the Moravian Church – This was a lovely, candle-lit evening service.

Then Oyster Soup at another friends house – we are bringing the crusty bread – Well, the homemade crusty bread sat alone at home where we forgot it. Not to worry, there was so much else to eat. It was a lovely time with friends.

Christmas AM Brunch – In-laws over with our 5.


No yeast sweet rolls – orange versionthese were great – easy to put together.

Baked eggnog French toastalso yummy, although the eggnog part doesn’t really stand out – and we used the eggnog made at our local dairy, Maple View.


Sausage puffsalways a hit, and disappear quickly,

Pizza rollsThese were a bit dry for my taste, but I was in a hurry to make these, and some got overbaked.

Oatmeal – noone wanted oatmeal.. we were all too full of the other stuff!

I had a teacher workday on Wednesday.. Thursday and Friday were spent grocery shopping, baking and preparing for Christmas. But we did manage to get everything done in a way that allowed us to enjoy the Christmas Eve with family and friends, and have a leisurely Christmas Day. And the leftovers have also served us well.


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