January 2nd… Acck.. the holiday is over.

Tomorrow I will be in the hallowed academic halls by 7:30 am, ready to start the final push toward finals. Trying to get my motivation going, but having a hard go of it.

I have had a nice holiday, fitting in at least a little bit of all the things I enjoy.. some baking and some lovely meal making, some walking, some family visiting, some organizing and some crafting. But I would so love another week. Just sayin…..

I did finally find some time to play with my new machine:

A new pillow for the chair....


I bought this fabric.. a smallish piece…back when we were building the new house. I bought it for the color inspiration. And the green of the dots is very much the green of the kitchen, and the brownish/tan is very much like the darker wall in the living room next door – so this fabric pulls the 2 together.. at least in my mind. So I took some materials from my stash, and made this pillow with an envelope closure, and made some covered buttons for accent. Because I could. I had everything I needed, so it was short and sweet and used up stuff that had just been sitting around my sewing room.

Close up of covered buttons.


An herbal flax-seed pillow.


The very first thing I sewed with the new machine was this herbal flax-seed pillow. I had made several long neck rolls for holiday presents. You fill them with rice and make a fleece cover and then they can be microwaved for sore muscles – and at our age, all our friends are having sore backs and muscles. This was the leftover muslin and I had some old flax-seed for filling. I also put in a lot of dried lavender from last summers garden. This things smells lovely when warm! And all it needed was a cover made from some chenille scraps leftover from a project I made years ago.


I also played around with scraps of other material I had.. that seemed to go well with the leftover pillow fabric. Inspired by Twiddletails, I decided to make a table runner using her well written tutorial. At the end of the holiday, the top has been pieced, but that is all so far.

Table runner - pieced, but not finished - hanging on my office door.


Before I could finish it, I decided to play with quilting on a smaller scale, to see what the new machine could do. I made 2 small “mug rugs” which I have been seeing on quilting blogs. Small placemats perfect for that desktop cup of tea or coffee…

I enjoyed plying with the fabrics and trying something new. Again, the internet supplied the directions. Ziggity Mug Rug tutorial.

I really enjoy using Pinterest to make a record of all these inspirations. And it makes it so easy to go back and find what I want months later when I finally have time to do something crafty.

I also did some knitting, finishing one sock of a pair, and a new slouchy Rikke hat for myself.

Rikke hat, raveled on my Ravelry page


Sock one done, now to knit the other.


So, sometime soon I need to bind my mug rugs and then finish the table runner. The colors will look cheerful in my bright green kitchen/dining room. So hopefully soon I will have some more time to craft.


3 thoughts on “January 2nd… Acck.. the holiday is over.

  1. Oh dear, I remember that sinking feeling very well. It’ll be fine once you get there; it’s just the thought, isn’t it? Also, January isn’t a good month.

    Sorry about your sadness about your son. I’m sure he’ll be fine but parenting isn’t as easy as one hopes, is it?

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