The hubbler’s maternal grandmother made a move to the Alzheimer’s Unit this fall, and then passed away in October. She was known as the Silver streak – being almost 5 foot tall and moving at a pace that made us all wonder if her thyroid meds were well adjusted. She loved Christmas, and prided herself in selecting truly special gifts for everyone. In her prime, she would have every gift wrapped early, no 2 packages to a person wrapped in the same paper, but all with lovely boys and tags. The array could be astounding, as she had 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and currently 10 great grandchildren. IN the early years of our marriage, we were still all unwrapping the gifts very carefully, so the paper could be reused. By the time the number of small people became overwhelming,  we were down to saving only the ribbons and boys, and most gifts were becoming gift cards or placed in bags.  But opening a gift from her was always a joy, because she had always found something just right.

This Christmas,our first without her, everyone had a Christmas gift from her under the tree. My mother in law had chosen some of her things to hand down – each with a special reason. The boys got books from her library. And the hubbler was given this mirror.

Pottery mirror that had hung in her home...

Close-up of the woman...


The mirror warms up this short wall off the dining room that leads to the master bedroom. And we are reminded of her every time we pass by. I was given a lovely casserole dish from Denmark – it also had a matching small pitcher with it. Will show you in the next post. I look forward to using and enjoying them both. I was also given some books illustrated by Carl Larson, and some prints to hang on the wall – part of her collection, and given to us because we have ties to Scandinavia from when my husband worked for a Swedish company. They were thoughtful gifts – and helped all of use remember her in a celebratory spirit this first holiday without her.

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