More Holiday gifts I am enjoying….

My grandmother was another who always loved Christmas, and made our childhood Christmases wonders to behold. She would decorate the trees with themes…. and often, she made the ornaments that covered the trees – sugarplums, fairy tale characters, calico Christmas decorations, etc… I have some of those ornaments now, reminding me of those wonderful years. She was also a great gift maker – a trunk for my doll clothes carefully painted by her, doll clothes stitches with love, a doll cradle with flannel blankets and pillows… all played with and enjoyed, and now living in my attic space because I cannot part with them. I think I have posted about the trunk before – many moons ago.

In any case, she turned 90 this year, and has decided her driving to the mall days are over. So she sent money for us this Christmas, which I used to by some books I knew I would enjoy.

The Farmer's Wife cookbooks


Her holiday meals were always something special. She spent endless hours in her kitchen, and taught me to cook and bake. These cookbooks remind me of her, and I am enjoying going through them.

I am lucky to have some of my grandmother’s cookbooks, and many of her recipes written in her own hand. But these books will be fun to explore and think about times when economy and home cooking were as important as they should be now.



And because I need something else to fill my spare time like I need a hole in my head (as my dad was fond of saying) I thought this book looked like so much fun. Maybe one of these years I will have a themed Christmas tree – or at least a few adorning my tree.

Many thanks to my Nana, for always making me feel special, and more importantly, for the many, many wonderful childhood memories I have of family and holiday gatherings.


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