January Gardening….

Usually nothing goes on in my winter garden except the garlic sitting there, trying not to freeze. But with this new garden, I did go ahead and plant some late fall crops. We ate our last set of radishes a week ago. We had radish dip weekly at our house all winter, and it was good. We also still have carrots. The carrots didn’t grow terribly long, because 1) I planted rather late and 2) we lacked rain and c) once planted, they were pretty much forgotten about, hence the lack of water and thinning.

But, while they may not be long, they are terribly sweet. And a pile of them, scrubbed and washed on the counter, disappears quickly – one way to keep the boys out of the cookies.

I can easily go out in the garden and grab up a handful, bring them in, rinse them off and voila! They have been very good chopped in salads too.


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