Another facecloth finished….

I think this may be my favorite to date. I love the pattern, and the band of contrast on either end.

Here is another version, which was started and finished quickly.

I love these so much that they got their own photo shoot in my favorite room in my house – my bathroom. For anyone new to the blog, we built a new house 2 years ago to replace a falling down farmhouse that had 1 tiny bathroom… 1 tiny bathroom for me and my 4 guys.. No drawers in the bathroom, no counter space, no towel racks… not even room for a real door, but a pocket door. Built in the 50s on a porch to replace the old outhouse. SO having a master bath all to ourselves is something I am forever grateful for, and the garden tub does get used – after pilates, after summer gardening, on winter days when the sun warms the space and I need a quick warm up. It is such a wonderful place, and these cloths belong there. (Intro to new bathroom on our other blog: This New House, here. )

I wonder how long until I crack and actually use them… right now, they are too pretty to handle. Sort of defeats the purpose of knitting them though. 🙂

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