Hmmmm – I knew I had written a post about this.. and then I thought I was crazy – and then I saw my draft folder. More washcloths….

The washcloth knitting continues to be the project of choice around here. Simple, easy knitting for the end of some very long and tiring days. I can veg out with the TV and not feel too guilty because my fingers are working – but I am not having to keep up with a tricky pattern.

My favorite pattern so far, because it is soooo easy. Copycat Dishcloth

See Ravelry if you want more details, including a link to the free pattern, Copycat dishcloth.

I am so grateful for the free patterns clever people post.

I have decided to use these as facecloths first while they are so fresh and pretty. Then they will be moved to kitchen duty when they start to get faded and worn.

I keep a stack of washcloths on my bathtub, next to my sink. My dermatologist was always after me to use a fresh cloth each day to clean my skin, so bacteria accumulation wouldn’t be an issue. She actually preferred disposable cloths, but I cannot do that. This way, I can wash them with the towels, hang them in the sun, and feel like I am being a good patient.

The latest one on the needles...

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