By noon on Saturday the groceries for the week had been purchased and put away (that actually happened on Friday night) – and the laundry was on load 3, with all the delicates washed and hung to dry on the drying rack – and then out to the garden where I    a) planted peas: Penelope, Sugar Snap, Oregon Sugar pod, and Super Snappy   b) cleaned up the asparagus bed and discovered some naughty asparagus already coming up, and c) planted radishes: Perfecto, Easter egg, Salad Rose, Watermelon (an heirloom Chinese variety).

Peas planted here with the last bunch of spinach
Still a small supply of overwintering carrots.. they are soo sweet.
Another bed of peas
This is a HUGE shoot... a real whopper.
Yikes... why is it coming up now?

The problem with all this early activity is that    A) it was cold… and sprinkly. But it needed to be done, and the rain is supposed to set in in earnest by noon or so. So I got it done.

and B)   It means other things get neglected. My home looks like these photos… from room to room, its just one long list of things to finish, clean, and put away.

Leggy begonia needing a watering still in sink, which clearly needs cleaning.
Seed packages all over kitchen island, now needing to be put away.
Violets watered but still on kitchen counter, daffs cut and brought in but not put out on table.
Recycling sitting on counter; garden shears on counter, cleaning supplies out... none of these belong here.
A week's worth of work jewelry, shed when I get home, on my desk... needing to put away ... and some old recycling.

And finally,  C)  Getting an early start just opens your eyes to all the other things that still need doing, but must be put on back burner because house is a mess, and School work beckons.

Last autumn's Sedums just sitting there.. needing to be cut, along with weeding and many other winter garden tidy chores.. Ah well.. next weekend.

The man about the place has taken our younger 2 boys and our Chinese son to a boy scout campout for the weekend. SO I am here, trying to make the most of the quiet weekend. And of course, being the sane woman I am , am blogging when I should be doing other things. 😉

And in case I get bored, I have lists all over the house. Here on my desk is the menu for the week and the list of Super Bowl food the boys are hoping to find when they return on Sunday. And a careful not from youngest reminding me of my duty as fish mom… he is always very earnest that I don’t forget the fish tank in his room.. I never do, but he always feels the need to remind me 100 times before he leaves, and he also reminds me in writing. This time I did not have to go through the mandatory training of how to push the light button on and off. I think he trusts me more this time. 🙂

Well, I better get to it!!


2 thoughts on “Weekends….

  1. I started the year’s gardening today – just clearing up leaves. But it was good. Spring!

    Is that really a begonia? It looks like a kalanchoe to me. (If that’s how it’s spelt…)

    I love your facecloths.

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