Super Bowl….

We made a lot of food for Super Bowl Sunday to show our Chinese son how it is done. Unfortunately, we then realized that our TV does not pick up the station that was broadcasting the game…we don’t have cable, and live in the country, and have to rotate our antenna depending on which stations we want to get. We couldn’t get a Superbowl station! But we could stream it on the laptop – not quite the same, but it worked for a family that in general, doesn’t watch football on TV. (Baseball is another story)

SO, we ate the following:

Bourbon meatballs


Jalapeno popper dip

We tried this dip with tortilla chips… really liked it. I used some jalapenos I put up over the summer. Recipe here.



And this salad, which I always love…. Asian noodle salad

Good old Apple Pie

The Apple Pie was a request from our Chinese visitor… we were happy to oblige.

Cucumber and rice wine vinegar salad…it was good. Recipe here.

There was also a regular queso dip – no picture of that.

Bloomin Onion Bread

And bloomin onion bread – always a hit when we make it. I did not use sour dough bread this time.. nor a round loaf. But it still was gobbled up. The butter, onion, poppy seed mixture baked on top of it really makes it good… but there was no picture of the completed bread.. just in progress pics.

The topping ingredients for the bread


Recipe here.

A few days after the super bowl, it was time to say good bye to our Chinese guest. It is rather a relief to have one less teen in the house whose schedule needs to be monitored and considered in the weekly planning. But it was fun to have him.



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