When you are newly married, Valentines can be a big deal. When you have small children, it can be all about making of the Valentines for school celebrations. (My kids attended Waldorf nursery/elementary schools, so for years, sets of handcrafted valentines for class were labored over.) In those days, I was staying at home with them, so making a lovely Valentines dinner for the family was the norm.

Now the kids are older. The elder 2 are in high school and had no real interest in valentines. The youngest in fifth grade made cookies for the class, and wanted absolutely NO HELP – so I provided counseling and assistance from a safe distance as needed. You would think the hubbler and I could now go back to our lovely dovey date night selves… no siree….

Tuesday is Scout night. And this year, it was day 2 of the all important baseball tryouts for middle son. And it was a busy week for me at school. So, we barely saw each other that night. Little surprises were left on the table for when whoever they were for showed up – and the fancy meal was really not fancy at all…it was actually several small treats spread over the week. Cranberry ginger ale is always lovely and sparkly in a wine glass – the boys always thought that was a BIG treat – but this year, it was Friday night before we got around to it. And some Trader Joe’s tiramisu was on offer this weekend – because we were all too tired during the week.

Each boy had purchased a bar of chocolate for me…

They know me well...

They know my love of lavender and Earl Gray… yumm… and peppermint. I cannot wait to try these… but I am waiting, which is making them a bit crazy. 🙂

There were cards too… with sweet sentiments…

And the best gift of all.. the hubbler bought new flannel sheets for our bed. He bought some for one of our first Christmases together. And then some a few years after that. But we have been married 21 plus years at this point, and with 2 pairs of sheets in constant rotation throughout the winter months, they are getting a bit threadbare. So we now have these lovely and cheerful sheets to keep our love warm!

I think everyone felt the family love – even though it was a very busy Valentines day.


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