Catching Up….

I am spending some precious spare time catching up on the blog… “back-publishing” posts in order to fill in the long gap between today and the last post. Life is going incredibly fast.

Some recent highlights:

**Pertussis is making the rounds in our county, and several cases are now confirmed at my youngest’s school. I have learned that a pertussis vaccination may not offer 100% protection.. so we are on the watch for respiratory signs, as he should be tested immediately in case it is pertussis.. in order to try and stop the spread. And my pertussis vaccine was SOOOO long ago, they are encouraging us all to get a booster at my school. Now to find time to get to the health dept and have it done.

**In the mean time, I have had a wicked cold and so have most of my students who were so generous to share. Soldiering on though – no fever, no subs. Dragging, dragging.

**Was nominated for Teacher of the Year.. now must decide whether or not to participate. Saying yes means I throw my hat into the ring of competition – must prepare stuff and submit stuff for the entire contest process. While I appreciate the honor, I don’t have time for more work, and am currently at a point where I feel I don’t have anything new or unique to offer. So will probably turn it down. I wish it could be a simple pat on the back.. I could use one of those.

**The middle son made the baseball team… very much excitement ensued. Now the crazy begins.. as if the schedule wasn’t already hectic. Practice and games will rule our lives to the end of the year.

**We lost 2 students last weekend in a one car crash…Very sad week for staff and students.

**The youngest is now off for a week of winter break. The rest of us do not have such a break. He left this morning with his grandmother to head to the mountains to see his uncle and cousins. He will be back Tuesday. It will be quiet without him.

**The older boys have Monday off – President’s day. I do not. It is a teacher workday. I will be working this afternoon as well. And worked yesterday. I am afraid the workday won’t even be enough to get what I need to do done. Recommendations for students, grading IA’s, preparing lessons, grading a quiz, getting progress reports ready…

** All I want to do is garden and play. Today however, the rain is coming down and the temp is dropping. The “S” word is in the forecast – we shall see. I always think I will keep track of the stats, and have yet to do it.. but I suspect 90% of the time when they predict snow, it never shows. The only time they actually told us the snow in the forecast would be a “non-event” we got 24 inches oin 12 hours…a snow of the century. Anywhoooo… I don’t think the work day will be cancelled. And I would just work from home if it were.

**So, with these gloomy doldrums, I will leave myself with some eye candy, and get on with it….

Itching to play with this pile of Christmas fabrics which were a Christmas gift... discipline.

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