Fun with the youngest over the weekend….

With such hectic schedules, driven largely by 2 working parents and 2 teenage boys, the youngest often gets short shrift. Not in his mind really – he loves being at the high school for games, and tagging along to all the Boy Scout drum practices and so forth. But he had the stay at home momma the least amount of time. The other 2 helped me bake and garden and clean and we played legos and trains and went on walks in our woods. Poor baby of the family. This weekend he ended up being my companion as I cooked and cleaned. We made a Saturday dinner with these for dessert: Apple pie baked in the apples.

Youngest did all the lattice work himself.


We all love apple pie, and it has been fun to try different variations. Apple pie in a canning jar, apple pie with an applesauce type filling… apple pie ice cream… all yummy.

We shall see how this turns out!

It certainly looks promising!




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