Veggie Garden – late March

The veggie garden is taking lots of time, but so worth it to have lovely produce.Image

Lettuces are up and we are eating them now.. this was a couple of weeks ago. I cut the leaves (or pinch them off) rather than pull the entire plant. The lettuce lasts such a long time that way – we can eat all spring until the heat makes it bolt.


The peas are now even taller and we are hoping to see blooms soon. They have really spread out in the beds. I have had to add strings several times to keep up with the growth.



The blueberries have been in full bloom, and the bees have been very happy, buzzing and pollinating. Hopefully we can avoid a late freeze or we will be berryless this summer. They are too far gone at this point for cold weather now.


This picture is also a bit out of date now, but the strawberries are in full force. Tons of blossoms and the plants have grown twice their size. They overwintered well, and we have small berries eagerly being watched by youngest boy daily – don’t want to miss those early ripe ones!


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