So, being on break means I have put aside the school work (although it will have to come out later this week… bugger….)

Ignoring the lesson planning....
Ignoring the grading...

My new sewing machine came with a Master Bernina Class Series, and I was able to attend the first class this week. The other classes may have to wait until summer, but I will be attending at some point. So, after the class I came home and got sewing and playing and ignoring all the other things on the LIST for spring break . I did make sure bills had been paid, letters to relatives written, laundry done, and some mending attended to first.. plus a ton of weeding and yard work. It was my turn!

Simplicity 2599

This is View E of Simplicity 2599 without the bow at the shoulder. I have been sewing since I was very young  – but in those days, sewing for myself was easy. I fit the pattern exactly – cut along the line, sew it up, perfect fit. Now, I am having a hard time finessing the fit. If I use the measurements on the back of the pattern, and sew the size they fall under, I have a tent. This top came with options for cup size, which was lovely. But having some child bearing hips, I thought I should follow their directions to use multiple cutting lines to alter the fit. It still turned out too big on bottom, because the finished width of the shirt isn’t printed any where on the pattern, nor is the ease. Sigh. So I still have some tweaking to do to make this one look good on me.

Linen type fabric, lovely drape.
Button from grandma's button box.

Otherwise, this is a quick pattern to make. Some issues getting the ruffle on the top, but I think it looks fine. Cannot wait to wear it!


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