Another Sewing project

This is Lisette Simplicity 1878 – the diplomat dress – I made View C, which is pretty daring for me… my knees will show!

Again, trying to deal with fit issues.Based on what I learned with the last pattern, I did get closer the first time through. This pattern also has “finished” measurements on the pattern pieces. This helped me feel more comfortable cutting out the pattern. I could make a muslin, but since my sewing time is SOOOO scarce, I just went for it.

I love the fabric!

The fabric is a denim/eyelet lace combo – which means it was a bit thick in some places – lots of careful clipping of curves and layering of seams to make everything lay flat. The only thing I will say is that the directions, while lovely for the most part, left you a bit lacking when it came to the zipper insertion. Someone who is not experienced with sewing might find them seriously lacking when you get to this part. I used a vintage zipper from grandma’s stash, which isn’t the perfect color, but it is a covered placket and won’t show. Need to hem, and sew on sleeves…

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