Boys and baseball

Late Friday Night Conversation:

(Set scene: We were coming home from middle son’s high school baseball game, (aside: where he hit a whopper right at the right time and drove in three runs, and also scored himself – in front of his girlfriend and her posse of friends – and his grandparents and parents – it was the stuff of dreams, which rarely happens in baseball – so we were all fat and happy  – and a we bit pleased with ourselves, can you tell my proud momma voice? – after a gorgeous spring evening baseball win) – it was already 9pm, and the weekend ahead was full of Boy Scouts and work and grocery shopping – I wanted some sleep.)

Mom: Youngest son, do you need your baseball uniform washed for tomorrow?

Youngest son: No, its not dirty.

Mom: Did I wash it already?

YS: No, but it isn’t dirty.

Mom: How can it not be dirty?

YS: I don’t know. It just isn’t.

Mom: Well, you have pictures tomorrow, so it should look nice.

DAD: Why don’t you show it to mom and let mom decide.

Here is what I did late last night…

ImageImageIt is a good thing they were not dirty…..Image


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