June 8 2012 – Graduation

The Happy Graduate

The day finally came… all finals were over. All grades calculated and turned in. We got the “robocall” from the principal offering congratulations to our family because our first son had completed all his requirements and was officially a 2012 graduate. It was a bit surreal. As a teacher in his high school, I go through these motions every year. But this year, as I ironed the wrinkles from my own robe, I had to also try to iron his. And when I showed up for graduation line – up, I had to go extra early to get him there. And instead of just tearing up because I was so proud of my students and all they had accomplished, I was tearing up because I was proud of MY student, and all HE had accomplished.

Me and eldest son.

I chose to sit with faculty on the floor because I had the best view. As it turned out, my seat ended up at the end of his row. So it was a perfect view. We had the late graduation this year, so we all went for a late dinner at a local Chinese restaurant afterwards. And the next day we had a large family bbq at the house. In a blink, the event was over. In fact, it seems a distant dream already.  I find it so hard to believe that one of my children is finished – graduated – getting ready to begin a new adventure. It is time to come to terms with all the changes about to take place.


Congratulations son – and best wishes for a wonderful future!

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