Summer means a lot of this….

Youngest at bat

Last weekend was a huge weekend with the eldest’s graduation. It was also baseball award weekend (youngest was the third place batter for his league!) and it was a championship game (they lost) on the same day as the family bbq. It was also summer league try-out day, and the middle son did well and is playing on the high school team again. And then Sunday we sent dad and youngest off for a week at boyscout camp. And I worked all week at school during the day, and got middle son to all his games in the evenings. Baseball, baseball, baseball.

This week, both younger boys have baseball camp – the middle son works the camp, the younger son attends the camp. Then in the evenings, both have games. One for the High School summer league team, the other for the league world series team. Better get my knitting lined up.

But today is father’s day. And our lovely father isn’t home to celebrate. He and youngest rolled in yesterday afternoon from boy scout camp, and then he turned around this morning and took eldest to the summer camp he is working at all summer. But we will celebrate him this week, and he will enjoy all the baseball games he gets to attend. He is a great father as evidenced by the fact that he is too busy fathering to stop and celebrate!


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