The week ahead….

I have to attend a job interview tomorrow – and then I am basically free for the summer  – well, almost. I do have a presentation to give next week one morning on technology. And classes to prep for. But mostly, it is time to switch gears. The first few days is a bit tough… trying to find a new groove while trying to get caught up on rest. I find I have to tell myself to stop hurrying – it doesn’t all have to be done because work is removed from the picture now. Things can be savored a bit more. A cup of tea on the porch at breakfast isn’t going to cause me to be “late” anywhere, so enjoy it.

I need to make a list of things to get done though, so the entire summer isn’t wasted. The first things on my list are either  1)catch up things (items needing to be cleaned, mailed, sorted – like the pantry – that have been put off until “summer”   or 2) gardening, because the summer garden is usually beginning to go crazy at this point.

Today, we spent a couple of hours pulling onions and scallions, and getting some carrots and beets… and peppers.

Getting ready to trim onions

Carrots and beets ready to wash
This is a monster beet
The earliest we have ever had peppers – bell and jalapeno.
A lovely bunch of onions getting dry.

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