UFO Number 2

Here is the link to the original post about this Simplicity 5285 Shirt. Since I posted this on August 17, 2010, all that has been missing are the buttons and buttonholes…

Well, when I sewed the shirt, I was using my 2 old machines.. the vintage Singer and the vintage Alta. The button hole mechanism was not working well on either machine, and truth be told, tension and other issues were also requiring service. I thought about handsewing button holes. I do have several old home ec textbooks that show the details, and I have sewn them by hand before – but just never got the nerve to do it. So the shirt languished.

I also made the shirt using a old pattern of my mothers – from her teens/early adulthood, back when we both had skinnier arms. So the shirt was a smidge too small.

Here we are in 2012 and the man about the place gifted me with a new Bernina sewing machine – brand spanking new patchwork edition sewing machine – such a shock. And in the interim, I have shaved off a few pounds. So it was time to try the  new machine’s buttonholing capacity.

WOW – I have an automatic buttonholer! You make  a button hole on a scrap piece of fabric until you get it perfect for your buttons.. and then the memory of the machine sews every other button hole exactly the same size, from start to final tacking stitches without once needing my intervention! SOOO VERY COOOLLL!

Teaching myself took about 10 minutes. Doing the buttonholes on the shirt took another 5. Then it took me about 10 minutes to clip the holes and sew on the buttons. Seriously, sometimes it is just mere minutes between an UFO and a FO!!


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