Figs… when life gives you figs, make fig newtons….

I wasn’t sure this was going to be worth the effort… but my boys don’t like raw figs much, and I am currently stocked up on fig jam. So I decided to try this recipe for fig newtons…

The fig part was easy = just boil some sugar and diced figs. Pretty easy, and I didn’t need a ton of figs – although I did have enough to make a double batch. I made that on Saturday.

The dough goes together easily and needs an hour at least in the fridge. Mine got a couple of hours.

Putting it together is where I began to think this would be too fiddly. The dough was very tender – you are to roll it to 1/4 inch. And even with floured surfaces and using wax paper and saran wrap to prevent sticking, it was hard to move it to the baking pan. It fell apart. The bottom was easy to deal with – I just squinched the torn areas back together again. (Yes, that is the technical term….   ;)) But then you put the top layer on over the fig filling. No squinching possible without a sticky mess.

I reasoned that the dough was so tender it would probably grow and spread. But I wondered if I would ever get the bars out of the pan – with all that sticky jelly… hmmm.

I need not have worried. Not only did they come out acceptably in terms of attractiveness and in terms of coming out of the pan, come out of the pan they did.

We cannot get enough. People are making trips through the kitchen for no reason – and the newtons are disappearing. One was gone within 12 hours. The other is not far behind. Moist lovely cakey crumb, lovely figgy filling.

Boys have declared that they will pick figs anytime I want to make this again. Come on figs, ripen!



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