A hot morning in the garden….

This past weekend we were camping in the mountains in Virginia and nearly got blown off during a very porwerful storm that swept through the mid-Atlantic on the Friday. But all is well that ends well  – noone but a couple of cars was hurt – and we made it home Sunday to our air conditioned house. Our eldest son whom we went to visit is coping with a week of boy scouts and no power yet… it was a massive storm. 3 million people without power in the states affected.

Here at home, the house was fine – but the poor tomatoes took a beating. So, the youngest and I worked on getting everyone propped back up and tied down. And we did some harvesting while we were at it.


First, we pulled another row of carrots. I love pulling carrots. What I don’t love is how long it takes to scrub them clean.


And then we harvested jalapenos…. and the few ripe tomatoes… another week or so, and we will be raking them in I think. Tomatoes that is. Jalapenos are already coming in thick and heavy. Just this morning – over 2 lbs from 3 plants!



And of course, what to do with them all… so, a batch of Jalapeno Jelly was made – ready to put over cream cheese and served on crackers.. yummm… And some were just popped in the freezer. But there were these fat buddies:


…I think I will make poppers out of them, and since I am the only brave soul that eats them, this should be plenty.

Almost time to pull the jelly out of the water bath…..


The morning in the garden ends up taking most of the day!


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