4th of July

We are having a quiet fourth. 1) Eldest is away working at boy scout summer camp this summer, which makes it 1/3 quieter.  2) Youngest went with grandmother and cousin for a day at children’s museum. This makes it 2/3 quieter.  3) Middle son is a quiet book worm when he is not playing baseball – so he is reading and quiet. 4) The man about the place has work work to keep up with, so is working from home today. Which leaves me to potter around the home. Which I really enjoy.

I did make a lovely lemonade cake for us to enjoy.

Lemonade cake – probably not lasting long around here…

This is a recipe from Cooking Light, and it is lovely. Here is the link.  I had seen it on the web, uploaded it to my ziplist, and then selected it this week to add to my grocery list. I think I could really enjoy using Ziplist!

I chose not to make a layer cake – so this was made in a 9 x 13 pan. I baked it 25 minutes and it came out perfectly – even and lovely. Until I tried to get it out of the pan – 3/4ths came out and 1/4 stuck – but that was easily fixed.  I also did not use as much powdered sugar in the icing.. and added a smidge more lemonade concentrate to the icing than called for. You may wonder why the entire thing is not iced – youngest is ALLERGIC to dairy, so I leave an un-iced edge for him as cream cheese frosting isn’t in his diet. Some reviews claim it is dense – I can only think they did not use fresh baking powder or something. This is denser than a box mix, but so are most from scratch cakes. But I don’t find it tough or dense in an unpleasing way.


In any case, we will enjoy it today, as we potter around quietly.

Cake thief

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