A new lunch bag…. so excited!!!

This was very fun and satisfying to make!

Brand new lunch bag…

I had pinned this tutorial a while ago, and to help get me out of my “WHAT TO DO” ennui, I went to my “Projects to Sew” board and picked this out.       http://ayumills.blogspot.com/2010/08/tutorial-lunch-bag.html


(The tutorial was lovely and clear and easy to follow… this went together very easily – I had absolutely no troubles getting it made. The longest part for me was cutting everything out. I am no good with the rotary cutter – took a while and most of the cutting I did was practically standing on my head – goodness – so out of practice. But, otherwise, a quick and easy evening project!)


Top drawstring bag enclosure….very cool.
Dots of all sizes used…

The hardest part was choosing the fabric. I did not choose to use any sort of PUL or vinyl inside… just hope to throw it in the wash. But I did use the interfacing as recommended to give it a lovely stiffness.

My tiffin ready to put into the bag

It is tall enough for my water bottle and tiffen… and wide enough for both… a nice size!

Loaded and ready to go…..

Will probably make a matching napkin to go with it… or a small mug rug for eating on. But here it is, loaded and ready to go… except that I am hoping it will seem a VERY long time before August is here and I really have to use it. In no hurry to get back to work!

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