What to do and not do when it is 100+ outside….

We are in the middle of a heat wave. Living in the south, you do expect heat and humidity in the summer. But we are about to break a record for the number of days in a row with temps over a 100 – the record has been 5 – we may make it to six. And just before this heat wave started, we had some days in the low 80s. And by Tuesday, the high is promised to be around 83… cannot wait!

Until then, what to do?


How about hanging out the laundry? I was able to wash and dry 6 loads of laundry – and most of the time, the load was dry by the time I went to hang teh next load. And everything smelled so lovely and sunwarmed. Also, changing the sheets on the beds makes everything feel so cool and lovely after a long hot day.

Don’t weed


ON the other hand, I had to walk by the herb bed and resist the urge to weed.. it wasn’t hard.

Swim in the pond


Swimming in our pond is also a lovely thing to do… the water is warm, except in places where you hit a nice cool spot,  probably a spring … refreshing!



Start a new knitting project – another great cool in the house project! 😉

Mini marathon


The youngest watched a mini marathon  – we don’t do a lot of media in our house, but with the loss of Andy Griffith this week, our native son, and the heat, he enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Drink lots of water….


Lots of water is being consumed around here.. and it is always better with a lemon squeeze and some ice!

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