Chip off the old block, or what to do when boys won’t eat beets….

We have a ton of beets in our garden. A TON. Not sure why I planted so many since the boys balk at eating them. I roast them with potatoes and carrots and the boys will eat them. But that can get old when you have a mother load in the garden.

So, I got my sneaky on… I asked the youngest if he wanted to bake a cake with a mystery ingredient that no one would guess. And of course, he loved the idea. So he made a Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake for the family. And absolutely loved teasing the middle son and man about the place about the “mystery ingredient.” The recipe takes 2 cups of purred beets – so I made a huge batch of beet puree and froze the rest in 2 cup batches.

Ready to go into the oven….


There are no finished pictures of the cake, because a) it was eaten very quickly and b) there was a disaster when removing it. The cake was absolutely delicious – very moist and chocolaty, and no hint of beet flavor. The guys guessed that we had put jalapenos, or tomatoes in it, before they guessed beets. The cake was however so moist that after the 10 min cooking period, when I turned it out, it fell into 2 halves. Not sure if  a) I should have cooled it longer before turning it out (once the cake was cool, it did slice into nice pieces) or if  b) the level of moisture was too great in the puree. Would also like to make this as a sheet cake next time.

Boy at work


The best part was of course the independence with which the boy worked – he is getting to be very handy in the kitchen, and at 11, can make most recipes with little help. So he did this all on his own, except for the turning out part- that was my mishap. It greatly amused me to have him ask me for a towel first thing when he got started and then watch him put it over his shoulder. Hmmmm… wonder where he learned that from?

Just like you mom, I need the dishtowel on my shoulder..


Kids observe everything… sometimes I am flabbergasted by what they learn that I never intentionally taught… which is also a cautionary tale – make sure what they observe is worth learning.


Recipe here: Allrecipes   Some others to consider:  Version with frosting                Same recipe but pretty presentation



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