Youngest son….

The youngest of our boys has a love of numbers. This means he is good at maths class, but also means he loves all things numerical. Baseball stats… temperatures..the number of fish he has caught… he keeps track of his world through numbers. He can remember what number was on a friends uniform three seasons ago. He can remember exactly how many ticks we removed from him after a certain hike. He keeps track of the number of miles left before we need to fill up on gas. How much time we save going a different route to the baseball field.

This week, he has been keeping track of the temperature on our outdoor thermometer – checking it hourly as the heat wave oppresses us. He felt these temps were worthy of a photograph.




Clearly, our sensor is in full sun….clearly, it was a hot week. Clearly, this boy needs a career using numbers – actuary, statistician, meteorologist, sports caster….. he makes me laugh.


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