Tomatoes and peppers – EEK….

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen on masse. We pick when there is the first sign of redness, because we are fighting the birds and groundhog and deer and squirrels… and this year the worms… and we suddenly got a ton of rain after weeks of none, so we don’t want them to split. So we have various degrees of ripeness here, and also lots of different types of heirlooms – some ripen to a gold color, some stripey, some blackish/green.

Top of my counter

My kitchen bar counter will look  like this for a few weeks. Every few days the ripe ones will be turned into sauce, or tomato sandwiches or marinated tomatoes…. and more will move in. Love this time of year! (I had to stand on the top of my counter to get this picture.. .they are so spread out, and the larger ones are about a pound a piece – they are big!)

Quite a few of these weigh over a pound…

Big tomato 1 lb 2 oz
Monster at 1 lb 7+ oz.
They are as big as the youngest’s head.. almost…
Not quite a lb of yellow goodness!

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