It takes a village….

It is perfectly true that is takes a village to raise a child. I have always been grateful for the other adults that have been in my children’s lives. From teachers that take extra time and heart to inspire to neighbors to family – we have lots of special individuals helping us raise these three men.

This week, a neighbor, in his mid 50’s, no children of his own but loved by all the kids around here, came over and helped the man about the place and the younger 2 boys build a floating dock for our pond. We have talked about it for years, and of course now wish we had done this earlier. It took the impetus of our neighbor, who had some spare parts, and thought of our boys, to get us going.

Boys rocking the dock…






It only took a couple of hours, and then produced hours of fun in this recent heat wave. Friends have been over to swim and play on it. Brothers have cooled off in it. Even the dog has enjoyed all the activity – he is the black spot in some of these photos.

We are blessed to have kind people in our lives…



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