The produce never ends…..

So far this week –

**Eye appointments for everyone, which meant 2 new pairs of glasses and one new set of contacts…..cha-ching….

**Doctor appointment/physical for the youngest son and allergy testing to see if he has outgrown his dairy allergy – he has his fingers crossed, but I think this is an allergy for life…

**Ordering a new washer – the last one cratered over the weekend, and before I had done the week’s wash. So finding and ordering a new one, and waiting for it to be installed today – a BIG deal. There is dirty laundry everywhere.

**And gardening….

It is a cycle – I clear the counter by making pizza sauce, or tomato sauce and getting it in the freezer….


Then I go outside and pick another basket full…. and fill the counter up again…

**Putting up produce and trying to use it up…. this meant making another batch of jalapeno jelly, and a batch of pizza sauce. And a batch of stewed tomatos – now in freezer.

A little over 2 lbs of jalapenos

This is the counter before the first picture… and it now looks about the same.


So, garden and weed, bring in and wash, process and eat… repeat. There was also a trip to the Durham Bulls… and some knitting. More on that soon….





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