And then there were 4….

The past few days have been tough. We spent Monday exploring Raleigh, visiting our favorite museums and eating places, and then at 5 pm, we left our oldest son to begin his basic training.

We started with goodbyes to grandparents, who live next door.

Then we took pictures of the three brothers together.

Our favorite burger joint in Raleigh.

We ate lunch at Char Gril, and later had a donut at Krispy Kreme. It was a lovely day together. But eventually, the time came.

My wonderful guys… A family that began in marriage 22 years ago, and 19 years ago with the birth of our oldest….
Brothers, one last time…

Now we wait. We are much in the dark. We don’t know when we hear from him again – sometime in the next 10 days, then another long silence. We cannot guide or advise or protect or help… he  is on his own.

At the last moment, you want to tell him everything he needs to know. But then you panic and realize that if you hadn’t accomplished that in the first 18 years, it isn’t going to happen now. And how do you sum up how to live life and negotiate its twists and turns and ups and downs….

So I hugged him hard, and said, “Be strong, be honest and make good choices. And remember, we love you and are proud of you.”

And that was it.

When he returns to us, he won’t be the boy we sent away. He will be changed by experiences we won’t share.

All I can do now is pray.


3 thoughts on “And then there were 4….

  1. I’ve only recently stumbled upon your blog but I’ve enjoyed it very much. I hope the best for your son and for him to be safe.

    I have one major question to ask you though. Regarding your post in february of last year about “The Piano”, you mentioned your teacher Mrs. Alkirta

  2. Jones, who I believe to be my teacher as well. Seeing that you posted about Hurricane Ike as well, I think it’s safe to say she’s the one. For various reasons, I discontinued my piano lessions after a few years and unfortunately didn’t keep in contact with her. If you or your mother(which you said was a friend of Mrs. Jones) knows of any way I can pay my respects to her, being that she helped shape me into the person I am today, I’d very much appreciate it.

  3. Anthony – Mrs. Jones passed away quite a few years ago. I believe her husband is still alive, but quite frail. She was a lovely woman, and I know my mother misses her friendship. We no longer live in Texas, but I sure would have loved my children to have lessons from her. She was great.

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