While we wait…

Work takes most of my time. Boys in scouts and cross country and taking trumpet lessons takes some more. Grass that has grown all summer thanks to frequent and rather a lot of rain, takes even more – along with weeding and garden and so forth.

The peppers just keep coming.
Super squash
Lots of tomatoes….

So, we keep busy while we wait to hear from our son in Boot Camp. We got his address this week – and thought that was a good sign that things were going better and he was going to be okay. But at week’s end we got a letter from him saying he was still getting things backwards and being slow. Dyslexia and ADHD can do that to you.. but, he did well enough on ASVAB to be able to be an MP – he worked hard his senior year without meds and did well – he has been a volunteer firefighter, been in burning buildings for training, and in general, should be able to keep up and do well. But it sounds like he is not up to standard, and may still be sent home. He has been gone 5 weeks, plus almost all the summer working in Virginia. So it has been a long time since there were 5 of us. And we don’t indeed know if/when he will come home. Still praying for a miracle for him, and for acceptance for us – putting him back together if he comes home will be a task I hope we are all up for, because I know he will be disappointed, sad, frustrated, angry. As we all are when we grieve.

But I have found time to finish one of my summer knitting projects:

Bad bathroom photo.. but you get the idea.
Bottom lace detail.

Inamorata  – raveled here.

Working. Waiting. Praying. These are what fill our days.

And a lot of this.. .enjoy!

Let’s see if I can get the video in here.



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