End of Year Wrap Up

As we get ready to turn the calendar forward another year, I have a moment to sit and breathe and reflect.

**When last I wrote, we were anxious about the eldest son. He had chosen to go into the military instead of heading to college. He left home on August 7th, and it was a bit of an up and down ride. He struggled initially, then seemed to do better. But then at the beginning of October he came down with pneumonia…a bit of time in the base hospital, then back to a PT test which he failed the running portion of – when your lungs are sick, it is hard to run. It was decided to send him home. He came home with hugely swollen lymph nodes and a nasty cough which took another week of serious antibiotics to cure. He has the option to return and try again.. but at this point, isn’t considering it. Instead, he has enrolled in an EMT course, of which he has completed and passed the first module – the second module begins next week. He is also working in construction – up early each morning and out the door by 7, learning all sorts of skills – deck building, floor laying, etc. He is keeping busy and earning money – but of course we would like to see him find a permanent direction. He is trying to find it as well. We hope 2013 opens some doors for him and helps him find his passion.

**The man about the place was of course gone when the call came that the eldest was coming home in a matter of hours. He was busy on a world tour – Munich, Malaysia, China, San Francisco….He was traveling for work, and spent most of it working long hours in a factory in Malaysia But he did manage to bring home some lovely treasures – enameled chop sticks, batik shirts and tablecloth, a cashmere shawl from Germany. 








** The younger 2 boys have been playing basketball. Both of them are working hard in a sport where they are a bit height challenged. But they enjoy it. It simply takes many hours of practice and games each week.

**Work has been insane. But we wrap up the semester on January 14th. Just review and finals to get to once we return to work. We worked until Dec. 21, and return Jan 2nd – a bit short holiday wise this year. But more about the holidays in another post.

2 thoughts on “End of Year Wrap Up

  1. It really has been up and down for you this past year. So pleased to hear #1 is doing EMT. My lil’ sis just qualified as an EMT with our St Johns Ambulance service and I’m as proud as could be of her. It took her till well into her ’30s to find her passion so I pray it takes him MUCH less time;-). Love and blessings to you and yours in 2013!

  2. I am glad your son is ok. We are almost at that point where our oldest will begin her journey after high school. It really is there time to figure it out, but hard to step back and watch. No matter what he does down the road, knowing some construction and being an EMT will make him a valued member of any community!

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