A few resolutions…..

1) Get my garden mojo going and keep working on this wonderful plot of land – growing my own is the best way to assure I know what goes into my food.


Last summers tomato harvest – a daily occurrence.


Last spring peas.. hoping for more this spring!

2) Get my exercise mojo going and lose the rest of the weight I have been trying to lose. Made some nice progress last year, but need to keep going.

3) Get my crafty mojo going.. all work and no play makes me quite dull. But work also leaves me so tired, I often just waste evenings. Need to be more mindful of using my minutes carefully.

New Year's Day playing while it rained and rained.
New Year’s Day playing while it rained and rained.

This is a small wall hanging. More details later.

4. Work on my spiritual mojo. Joining in the Episcopal diocese of NC in The Bible Challenge.. and I will be trying to be more disciplined in my efforts to be grateful.. I tried to keep up with a gratitude journal last year (Ann Voskamp website), and some months were better than others. Will try again.

This is alot of mojo to harness. But I have been given but one life, and need to use it wisely, and having goals is always useful. BALANCE is always what I am seeking.

The eldest boy will be 20 this year, and already spends more time at his girlfriends house than home. The middle boy has 2 years of high school left. The younger one is growing very quickly. In just 2 years, he could be the only one at home. So balancing everything – making sure I am healthy, making sure I have a spiritual center that helps me raise them, making sure I have healthy food to feed them, and feeding the creative part of me that keeps me from being all kinds of crazy – all are important.

These goals are not all that unlike previous years (2011, 2010, 2009 , 2008, 2006, )- but that is okay. Set my sites skyward, and everything I achieve will be better than nothing at all!


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