Small Quilting Project

Here is more information on my small quilting project.

P1010024I love the reproduction fabrics from the 30’s, 40s, 50’s era. I have collected some/been given some over the years. Last summer I went to a quilting expo in Raleigh and saw these cute wall hangings, using this same fabric. So I bought the patterns, which were VERY expensive for what they are, but I guess necessary to make the quilts.

The pattern is Friendship Flowers by Lynn Clark’s Cozy Nook Studio. Basically, for $9.00, I got a small piece of paper with the materials list, and a small piece of papers with the instructions xeroxed on it and traceable patterns. Hmmm. A lot of money for a 8.5 X 11 piece of paper and an even smaller supply list. But I didn’t open it at the time. It is a good thing the pattern is really adorable.


It is a cheater quilt in that you use fusible web to hold the pieces on, and then blanket stitch around the petals without really appliqueing them. I don’t usually like taking shortcuts this way, but given my time limitations and the fact that this is a wall hanging, not something I will be sleeping under, I went ahead with it.

P1010023So far, it took a couple of hours on New Year’s Eve to trace the patterns and cut out the pieces. Then a few hours on New Year’s Day to fuse all the flowers and sew the blocks together. I have some of the bindings on already, and then I will do the embroidery of the blanket stitch.

New Year's Day playing while it rained and rained.
New Year’s Day playing while it rained and rained.

Once I get that all done, I plan to use my new sewing feet to machine quilt. That will be a new skill for me!


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